Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Monday, August 1, 2011

Charlotte Blackwell's Forbidden Embrace (book 2 of the Embrace Series)

Lindsay Anne Kendal's Bloodlines

Thomas Scopel's Twitch

Twitch, a stubbed limbed, white eye deformed carnival freak attraction is often abused. But, he harbors a dark secret...and his retribution is far worse. For people can be so cruel...and so can Twitch!

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Imani True's Strawberries, Stillettos and Steam

Camille works hard. But when she steps out of her stilettos each night, this video voyeur embraces her erotic side by peeking in on the fantasies of others who are bold enough to live them out. Come along with Camille as she gets “Turned On and Turned Out,” runs into an unexpected “Detour,” celebrates “Nika’s Birthday,” and scratches her “Sophomore Itch” all in the same night

Stefan Ellery's Fire of the Rose

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